Government of New Brunswick



  • To be an independent voice that provides advice to government on matters of importance to women.
  • To bring to the attention of government and the public issues of interest and concern to women and women's substantive equality.
  • To include and engage women of all walks of life, women's groups and society in general.
  • To be strategic and provide advice on emerging and future issues.
  • To represent the voice of all NB women.
  • To foster a collaborative relationship with government. 

The concept of an “independent voice” is often described as having the ability to speak fully on issues that matter to women without fear of repercussions; the ability to self-determine the agenda; and the ability to ensure the selection process of representatives be non-partisan. That is:

  • A publicly funded independent organization responsible for conducting research and consultations, intervening with the government on behalf of women and increasing awareness regarding women's issues from a non-partisan perspective;
  • Separate from government;
  • Freedom of expression / right to free speech;
  • Freedom to select issues / files to examine (and means);
  • Recognized by the government / collaborative (engaging) relationship;
  • Considered an important resource.