Government of New Brunswick

Appointed Members


Current Co-chairs: Jody Dallaire and Jennifer Richard.

The New Brunswick Aboriginal People’s Council
(represented by Chief Wendy Wetteland)
Current term: 2018-2020

Fredericton Sexual Assault Centre
(represented by Jennifer Richard)
Current term: 2018-2020

New Brunswick Association of CBDCs
(represented by Line Doiron)
Current term: 2014-2018

New Brunswick Coalition for Pay Equity Inc.
(represented by Jody Dallaire)
Current term : 2018

Regroupement féministe du Nouveau-Brunswick
(represented by Lyne Chantal Boudreau)
Current term : 2014-2018

Saint John Women’s Empowerment Network
(represented by Joanne Britton; formerly known as the Urban Core Support Network)
Current term: 2016-2019

YWCA Moncton
(represented by Jewell Mitchell)
Current term: 2016-2019

New Brunswick Multicultural Council
(represented by Madhu Verma)
Current term: 2016-2019

Noëlla Richard
Current term : 2014-2018

Paulette Sonier Rioux
Current term : 2014-2018

Madeleine Nickerson
Current term: 2016-2019

Constance Sewell
Current term: 2016-2019

Martine Marchand
Current term: 2018-2020

Patricia Morris
Current term: 2018-2020

Louisa Seales
Current term: 2018-2020



Ex Officio Members


Jocelyne Mills, Assistant Deputy Minister, Women’s Equality Branch

Beth Lyons, Executive Director of the New Brunswick Women's Council



Former Members


Muriel McQueen Fergusson Centre (2014-2017)

Phylomène Zangio (2014-2017)

Kyla Lapointe (2014-2015)

Sussex Committee for the Prevention of Family Violence (2014-2015)

Kim Nash McKinley (2014-2016)

University of New Brunswick Gender and Women’s Studies (2014-2016)

Stéphanie Beaulieu (2014-2016)