Government of New Brunswick

The New Brunswick Women’s Council’s
public engagement initiative

With the council finally fully operational, our priority for 2017-2018 is grassroots engagement. We want to hear about the experiences, priorities, challenges, and ideas of women in New Brunswick and organizations that support them. We also want to know what challenges organizations are facing in their work to address issues and advance gender-equality. This information will be gathered in in three ways via an online survey, focus groups, and discussions with organizations.

The concrete result of this work will be a report-back in 2018 on what we heard. This report-back will inform the council’s work moving forward, including helping us identify priorities and develop recommendations to government. The report-back will also be submitted to government and be made publicly available as a resource.

Why Resonate?

Because that’s what we want this work to do.
To resonate.

We want the questions we are posing to feel relevant to women’s lives.
For what we’re asking to resonate.

We want to provide a space where women can discover that their experiences are shared.
For women to share stories that resonate.

We want women to see themselves in what we share back in 2018.
For our work to resonate.

We want what we share of women’s experiences and ideas to compel government to action.
For women’s voices to resonate so strongly that they cannot be ignored.

Gender diversity
While our mandated area of focus is women and their substantive equality, Resonate will also make space to hear about issues affecting gender minorities in the province who do not identify as women. Examples of gender minorities include: Two-Spirit, transgender, non-binary, and genderqueer. Gender minorities face challenges that are rooted in gender-based inequality and including them in this work will only strengthen it. For this reason, we have two versions of our survey: one for women and one for gender minorities (trans women may fill in either version of the survey, based on their personal preference).


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